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Your donations support your local area through the We Care Thrift Center, Food Pantry, Homeless/Transitional Shelter and other services. We strive to ensure our efforts benefit those in our local area. 


Thank you for your support!

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Shop & Donate Items 

The We Care Thrift Center and Budget Market are open to the public. Anyone can take advantage of low prices on food, clothing, furniture and more; knowing that your money will go back into helping your community. Shop, save money and help provide this benefit to others!


Donate hand-me-downs and used items to our Thrift Center, where we will recycle them for our store. The donation station is located outside, in the back of the Thrift Center building.


Play or Sponsor

The Annual Charity Golf Tournament is our biggest fundraiser. Through this event, we were able to replace the much needed roof on the Safe Haven Home and purchase the shell of the next tiny home to be utilized as emergency/
transitional home in Dayton! In 2019, 108 of your neighbors had 4,881 night stays in our shelters. 

Get a team together, and have a great round of golf while raising money for a good cause! Sponsor or Register at:

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